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Liners / Reliners

  • Repairable
  • Comfortable!
  • Safest acrylic tested.
  • Up to 0.14 % residual monomer.
  • Outstanding bond to methacrylates.
  • Superior fit engaging existing undercut areas.
  • Can be processed without the use of adhesives or bonding agents.
  • Will not harden over time under normal wear and handling conditions.
  • Internally plasticized and will not leach out plasticizers into the oral cavity.
  • Has "memory" and will not warp under normal wear and handling procedures.
  • Processed in hydrocolloid, cutting costs of using non-reusable hydrocal. Two hours curing time at 155ºF.
To the Laboratory Technician:
Eliminate adhesives
Polishes to a high luster
Simplified injection process
Two hour cure time at 155 degrees F
No mixing of polymer required
Ease of investing in hydrocolloid
Eliminates unnecessary waste of polymer
Ease in finishing-use normal procedures
Ease of removal-eliminates model breakage
Exceptional adherence to methyl methacrylates
Advantages to the Dentist:
Ease of insertion
Practice enhancement
Enhanced retention utilizing all available undercuts
Only internally plasticized thermoplastic available on the market
Patient comfort/acceptance greater than any other liner/reline available
Safe for your patients-no phthalates, cadmium-free, no leaching of plasticizers
Provides competitive edge over inferior thermoplastics, vinyls, silicones and/or rubber liners

Patient Acceptance:
Safe, ease of care
No leaching of phthalate plasticizers
Greatest comfort, absence of tissue pressure, optimum retention
Preferred over all other liners/reliners available on the market today

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