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Talon Appliances
  • Instant Fit!
  • Repairable.
  • Safest acrylic tested.
  • Two hours curing time at 155°F.
  • Outstanding bond to methacrylates.
  • Will not leach out plasticizers into the oral cavity.
  • Can also be processed in the 1/2 denture flask method.
  • Can be laminated without the use of adhesives or bonding agents.
  • Has “memory” and will not warp under normal wear and handling procedures.
  • Gas chromatographic studies verify a residual monomer level of up to 0.14%.
  • Shore-D hardness testing shows it will not harden over time under normal wear and handling conditions.
To the Laboratory Technician:
Saves time and procedures
Superior fit
Minimal investment
No clasping necessary
No need to survey model
Eliminate undercut wax-out
Enhanced retention and comfort
Premixed for your use and safety
Reduce or eliminate case remakes
Not necessary to duplicate models
Advantages to the Dentist:
Instant fit
Absence of frustration
Practice enhancement
Substantial chair time reduction
Treatment philosophy and methodology unchanged
Reduced delivery time approximates laboratory fees

The Patient
mostly appreciates the comfort,
retention, and non-use of clasps.

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